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Women in Portraits
Monday, April 25, 2016
Not Holding Back

Women in Portraits: Nicole's storyNicole, mother of one-year-old Sophia, has been learning the art of cake decorating. In high school, she thought of going into culinary school or following a career in art history. It's amazing the paths we go down in search of that right fit. Something our journey ends up being one of complete surprise. Nicole loves spending time helping Sophia learn new things and snuggling with her during quiet moments. She and Devon enjoy playing games, going for walks, and watching movies.Nicole has often posed for me on test sessions and has a definite like for certain looks. When she heard I needed her to model for my Women in Portraits program, ...

Women in Portraiture
Thursday, April 14, 2016
Not Holding Back

The last couple of weeks were a blur of excitement as I worked on a new portfolio of Women in Portraiture. The most recent was with my daughter-in-law, Laura. I'm working backwards so next week is my daughter's story and then it's Cindy's turn. Laura loves the cool weather and spending time with her hubby and two fur kids, Sidney and Link. Sidney is a Siberian husky you may have met on previous posts along with Link, a shiba-inu. She is a speech therapist who specializes in children. As a vegan, Laura prefers to make her meals from scratch using only natural ingredients. Although Laura is not into glamour, she did this as a wonderful favor for me. She much prefers natural quick takes ...

Easter Portraits
Sunday, March 06, 2016
Not Holding Back

Ever have one of those weeks where so much is going on that you don't know which way is up? Well that happened and I goofed, but I will make it better! This offer is extended through next week and will end March 19 AND I'm waiving the deposit for this offer! We are getting in lil chicks for this year's Easter portraits!  It is a special treat for the studio to be able to offer a chance for children to be photographed with baby animals. We are offering a special price on sessions and created two packages at great savings. The Limited Editions are just that. You will only be able to get these at special times like Easter or Christmas.  You are welcome to select something ...

Display Boxes for Portraits
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Not Holding Back

I had asked my brother to make a couple of boxes for me. I picked out a figured maple so I could put in images from each of my granddaughter's sessions for her first year of life. These boxes are something John loves to make and before I knew it, he made half a dozen more! Woodworking is John's passion and he would like to be busy making these gorgeous boxes for photographers to use for their clients so I am helping by posting the first batch. Each box has its own characteristics and features. For special pricing for photographers, please submit your sales tax ID number, website, and business Facebook page.  The Large Cherry Display Box is made from cherry and then finished with a ...

Frosty Friends
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Not Holding Back

Remember those details from my last post? Sometimes those details need to be tweaked, added afterwards, removed, and/or modified. There wasn't much snow when we got to our location, but I wasn't going to complain. Weather outlook didn't look good for any more snow, which meant that I needed to work with what I was given. I'd go looking for snow afterwards.  I had been watching the weather reports closely; did I say how close? I even checked the cloud cover hour by hour. I had wanted a gorgeous sunset behind my subjects. What I was looking at was heavy clouds all day until the magic moment I had picked that worked best for everyone's schedule. According to the weather charts, that was ...