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It's in the details
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Not Holding Back

Last week I posted some sneak peeks of behind the scenes crafting of a session. Sometimes things don't always work they way we think they should so adjustments are necessary. It usually works out in the long run. Sophia's parka was made the way I made doll clothes as a kid. You just cut it out, sew a few seams and you're done unless you decided you needed details.  Every time I thought I was done, I'd look at it and realize I needed to add fur and with the fur came the tribal pattern. It was one of those niggling nags at the back of my mind that I would regret not doing. Originally I was only putting fur around the hood and on the shoulder area, but ultimately I put fur around the ...

Alaskan Inuits continued
Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Not Holding Back

The last post I made was about Sophia's nine-month-old session with a few sneak peeks. Progress has been a little slow, but I finally got the fabric for her parka and I am now trying to make my own pattern. There were hundreds of images on line to give me some idea of what look I wanted for this shoot from parkas worn for chores to showing off the finest parkas in children's pageants. Pure eye candy, but I noticed that the fancier the parka, the less I noticed the face so as much as I LOVED the pageant parkas, I didn't want to make the image all about the parka. A few more behind the scenes sneak peeks.  The fabric I pick has to fit my vision These reindeer antlers represent ...

Alaskan Inuits
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Not Holding Back

My last post featured the Fairy Tale, Little Red Riding Hood, starring my granddaughter, Sophia, and my grandpuppy, Sidney. The two were such a big hit that we will be teaming up once again for her nine-month-old portraits. The search is on for the perfect accessories. My cousin, Pam, bought the cutest doll during her visit to Alaska so Sophia would have something to hold. Dawn borrowed Ley's old baby sleigh and Link, the shiba inu, is going to join Sidney for this set. So excited and a huge thank you with hugs to Pam and Dawn. Here is a sneak peak of planning in progress! ;)    

Little Red Riding Hood
Tuesday, December 01, 2015
Not Holding Back

The setting was in an enchanting patch of woods where there were large and unusual mushrooms. Some were shaped as if to catch rain in little bowls that their caps had formed so that passing wildlife or fairies may stop and take a sip.  I just knew this was the spot. We had driven around Berks County to find the perfect setting for my granddaughter's Faerie Tale Photo Shoot. I had planned this for months gathering the most endearing and meaningful accessories. I even spent my evenings crocheting Lil Red Riding Hood's cape while watching the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. My brother handcrafted the bed and I stained it. My husband, Chuck, and daughter, Nicole, added the final ...

New Looks
Friday, September 11, 2015

Hi, My wesite is going under construction, but will still be up for your convenience. I have already begun making changes and hope to have everything complete over the next couple of weeks. I would like to do something new with my blog and am open to ideas. Feel free to comment. I'm excited over the changes and can't wait until it's done.