A Most Unique Tea Party!

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Thursday, June 20, 2019
By Enchanted Acres Photography
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Not all girls like tiaras and poufy dresses. When I became Grandma of 2 darling and feisty girls, as a photographic artist, I had visions of princesses, tiaras, magic wands, the most frilliest of dresses in magical settings. . . well, these girls have minds of their own and being a proper princess was not on their minds. Sophia's favorite part of these dinosaur sessions was being able to drive our snazzy-cool, safari jeep. Audrey loved hugging the dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex. It was adorable to see this little tyke hoist that dinosaur up, despite it being as big as she is, and carry it off.

I tried to pick outfits that they would be willing to wear and yet fit the look I was shooting for so no poufy tea dresses. I did try, however, to get tutu's on them over leggings. I tried to get them to wear bubblegum necklaces. I tried darling hats and headpieces. Since we were going with colorful dinosaurs in a garden, I thought we would go for a magazine-styled look for kids. I even did a take on Beauty and the Beast by using a teapot set with that theme. 

Sophia took one look at the feathery yellow tutu I picked out for her and the brilliant yellow bubblegum necklace and said, "Yuck!"

Audrey used her little arm to push away the curly pink tutu I had for her and said, "No!" 

Funny thing was that the day before, I had Audrey try the hat on and the Minnie Mouse bubblegum necklace just to get her familiar with the pieces. Afterall, being a two-year-old means a set of expectations by said child. The day of the stylized session, Audrey would NOT put that necklace on, BUT, however, consented to having the hat placed on her hear. Once that was in place, I was able to convince Sophia that if Audrey was wearing a hat, and our triceratops was wearing a hat, then she needed to wear a hat so reluctantly, she agreed. At one point, Audrey thought we should be done and started taking her hat off. I was like, nonononono, just a few more pictures and then you can take it off. Well, it really mussed up her hair, but actually, I loved the look. To me, it spoke of a commercial model look, lol!

The final detail for the session was homemade French Macrons. OMG! That was epic fail, but I worked with them. They still looked cute as pre-historic cookies and still tasted good. I'll try making them things one more time and if it doesn't work, I'll pay a bakery!

Here are some images from our Dinosaur Tea Party. Please keep in mind that we can do a variety of themed tea parties: Unicorns, teddy bears, etc. 


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