Alaskan Inuits continued

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Tuesday, February 09, 2016
By Roxanne Richardson
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The last post I made was about Sophia's nine-month-old session with a few sneak peeks. Progress has been a little slow, but I finally got the fabric for her parka and I am now trying to make my own pattern. There were hundreds of images on line to give me some idea of what look I wanted for this shoot from parkas worn for chores to showing off the finest parkas in children's pageants. Pure eye candy, but I noticed that the fancier the parka, the less I noticed the face so as much as I LOVED the pageant parkas, I didn't want to make the image all about the parka. A few more behind the scenes sneak peeks. 


The fabric I pick has to fit my vision


These reindeer antlers represent one aspect of life in Alaska


This little detail adds a dash of whimsy


The last snowfall we had was a blizzard and although the snow hung around a bit, I wasn't ready for the shoot. As all of you who know me, you know I am not a fan of winter cold and snow, but I'm an artist first and this session really needs snow. I'm hanging on to every snowflake to pull it all together. With a little luck, next post will feature images from Sophia's nine-month-old session! 


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