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Wednesday, February 24, 2016
By Roxanne Richardson
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I had asked my brother to make a couple of boxes for me. I picked out a figured maple so I could put in images from each of my granddaughter's sessions for her first year of life. These boxes are something John loves to make and before I knew it, he made half a dozen more! Woodworking is John's passion and he would like to be busy making these gorgeous boxes for photographers to use for their clients so I am helping by posting the first batch. Each box has its own characteristics and features. For special pricing for photographers, please submit your sales tax ID number, website, and business Facebook page. 


The Large Cherry Display Box is made from cherry and then finished with a light stain. Since it was one of the first ones he made, it has the feature of little bottles for preserving little moments important to you. The cherry box comes with a framed lid for a print about a 9x9. You could put a piece of special art paper as a backing to a smaller print, which is what I did, and then I applied a torn edge to the print for an artists touch.


The rest of the boxes listed below have special slits built in for ventilation. This image shows the spacing John created to give added protection to the prints kept inside. These boxes are not sold as archival, but rather as a beautiful way to display portraits. 


Small Black Walnut Display Box with Solid Lid holds 5x7 prints. It also has an added compartment for a USB drive or little keepsake. The lid has an indent cut in the edge of one long side to make lifting the lid off a little easier. 




The Small Figured Maple Display Box features beautiful and unique markings. It holds 5x7 prints and has a little space for a USB drive or keepsake. The framed lid holds a print about an 8.5x4. 



The next set of boxes are John's Signature featuring a beautiful inlay diamond pattern of a contrasting wood. 

The Medium Diamond Figured Maple Display Box with Double Lid has lacquer finish to bring out its beauty. This box features both a framed lid and a solid lid giving the benefit of being able to hang the framed print and yet protect the boxes contents with a solid lid. This box not only has the special ventilation built in the bottom, but the added lid has a finger hole for ease of removing and provides additional ventilation. The framed lid has an added benefit of museum glass by True Vue. The lid frames about an 8x10 print and was made to hang either vertical or horizontal. The box will hold 5x7 prints and features three keepsake compartments. 



The Medium Diamond Black Walnut Display Box with Framed Lid has a soft and beautiful hand-rubbed finish. The framed Lid will fit about an 8x10 print and can be hung either vertical or horizontal. It has the added benefit of museum glass by True Vue. The box will hold 5x7 prints and features three keepsake compartments. 



The last box in this listing is a Medium Diamond Black Walnut Display Box with Regular Lid. It was given a lacquer finish to bring out the beautiful grain of the wood and will hold 5x7 prints. It also has three compartments for keepsakes and John's design benefit of added ventilation.



The Figured Maple Display Boxes listed are the only ones available because of a limited supply. They are my personal favorite and the one I picked to display my granddaughter's first year of life portraits. Here is an example of how I use my box. :)


Instead of having the print fill the frame, I opted to use art paper and treat the print with a deckled edge.


I kept my prints matted in archival plastic sleeves and then wrapped them in fabric for added protection. 


The little bottles are for my imagination and whims. I ordered special sheep curls from the UK for Sophia's newborn session and then snipped a few curls to put in the little memory bottle. I love working with sheep wool and other natural things.



My daughter had written a poem in high school and I had it hung with special pieces of her artwork. She loved art, chorus, and the shore. The poem could have been written for Sophia so I placed it in my box to remember forever. 


I hope this gives you some ideas of how to use these beautiful boxes. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I'll do my best to help. Hugs! 


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Marie Watson - Thanks for sharing these photos of the beautiful display boxes. I love the rich color of the cherry. I also really like the interesting design that the walnut seems to have. It is like the lighter and dark tones are marbled all over the box. I would love to have some of these to put pictures of my kids in.