Frosty Friends

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016
By Roxanne Richardson
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Remember those details from my last post? Sometimes those details need to be tweaked, added afterwards, removed, and/or modified. There wasn't much snow when we got to our location, but I wasn't going to complain. Weather outlook didn't look good for any more snow, which meant that I needed to work with what I was given. I'd go looking for snow afterwards.


I had been watching the weather reports closely; did I say how close? I even checked the cloud cover hour by hour. I had wanted a gorgeous sunset behind my subjects. What I was looking at was heavy clouds all day until the magic moment I had picked that worked best for everyone's schedule. According to the weather charts, that was the only time there would be the least amount of clouds. When we got there, clouds let sun's rays poke through creating a heavenly setting over the frozen lake. I like to think God wished us the very best and painted that scene just for Sophia's portraits! 


It was cold, although not as cold as it had been I had to move fast especially when working with babies and dogs so I took what I could. I would figure out the details later. Sidney and Link were so sweet and so focused on cookies David coaxed them with. Sophia wasn't sure of anything other than being stuffed in a doll coat and sat in a box surrounded by dogs. She smiled for a click of the shutter, but mostly seemed to watch the dogs and look for her parents to come and get her. I managed to get her to repeat her favorite words; mama, dada, baba. OMG, my heart melted to hear her sweet little voice. 


After 15 minutes of working with the dogs, I let them go on their merry way and then about 10 more minutes before we all called it a day. Although it seemed like I was done, I still had yet to deal with the snow or lack thereof. The weather reports called for possible snow, sleet, and rain the following week. I searched my weather reports for outlook of snow for the rest of winter and it wasn't looking goo. I grabbed my camera and headed out to areas where there were still patches of snow. I really had wanted the snow out where we just worked, but with no real snow in the forecast, I had to improvise.


While working on the images, I realized how difficult it would be trying to wrap the snow in behind the fur of Sophia's hood so I set up the batting I had used as a mask faux filler for when the snow was placed in the scene and clicked a few images of her hood. Here are some images both before and after. Enjoy! 





The Hallmark ornaments, Frosty Friends, inspired the next two images. 

One of my Frosty Friends ornaments is of a lil Eskimo and penguin fishing. 

My very first Frosty Friends ornament I got back when I was in high school and I still have it. It is of a lil Eskimo and husky sitting in an igloo. Frosty Friends, Sophia and Sidney, were joined by their lil shiba inu friend for a sleigh ride. 



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Roxanne Richardson - Thank you so much for that! When Sophia started repeating after me, mama, baba, my heart melted! OMG! Love this baby! Thank you so much for bringing her little Eskimo doll back from Alaska. It looked so cute with her dressed almost the same! Hugs!
Pam - Roxanne - You are so talented!!! The pictures are just adorable!!!