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Tuesday, February 23, 2016
By Roxanne Richardson
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Last week I posted some sneak peeks of behind the scenes crafting of a session. Sometimes things don't always work they way we think they should so adjustments are necessary. It usually works out in the long run. Sophia's parka was made the way I made doll clothes as a kid. You just cut it out, sew a few seams and you're done unless you decided you needed details. 


Every time I thought I was done, I'd look at it and realize I needed to add fur and with the fur came the tribal pattern. It was one of those niggling nags at the back of my mind that I would regret not doing. Originally I was only putting fur around the hood and on the shoulder area, but ultimately I put fur around the bottom, on the hood ties, and around the cuffs. Even the fishing pole needed a bit more matching details so I pulled out scraps and after burning my fingers a couple of times with the hot glue gun, finished detailing Sophia's fishing pole. 


Today is the day I scheduled the session and after warmer temps and heavy rains, the most important detail, the snow, is mostly gone. Sigh! I really didn't want to do this as a digital composite other than the usual swapping of expressions or enhancing the image, but maybe it would be better to do it this way. Sophia won't be too cold and if we get more snow, I'll take a few shots at the same location and time frame to keep things as equal as possible. The only thing that would stop this session, as I look out my window, is the omnipresence of those clouds I'm trying not to look at and if the rain gods should dance in the vapors hanging so gloomily overhead bringing down the fruit of their efforts. 


I will keep you posted. It's really getting nail biting for me at this point for as much as I dislike the cold, I need the snow! 


Here are a few more sneak peaks into the details. :)




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