Not Holding Back

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Tuesday, January 03, 2017
By Enchanted Acres Photography
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"The way you meet New Year is the way you'll spend it."

According to Russia Beyond the Headlines,, this is the most popular holiday in Russia and the time to put to use all the knowledge you have learned.  

When I first read this quote, Chuck and I were settling down to an episode (or two) of Law & Order while waiting for the New Year to begin. Our favorite sparkling wine from Vynecrest Winery was chilling and we thought we were ready to celebrate the New Year from the comfort of our couch. At least until I read those words from a great photographer in Philadelphia I'm so glad to be connected to in Facebook. I looked at the clock; it was just after 11 P.M. I asked Chuck about Reading's fireworks and where they were being set off. He said the pagoda. I looked at the clock again. The hands moved steadily closer to midnight. 


All of a sudden I didn't feel right sitting there. Is this how I wanted to spend my year sitting on a sofa watching Law & Order? I had worked so hard all year to reach the goals and accomplishments throughout 2016 without giving thought to setbacks, but rather to keep focus on positivity and here I sit thinking this was how we would celebrate? I don't think so, so I said to Chuck that we were going to see the fireworks and take some pictures. He looked at me like I lost my mind. You see, he had just told me either earlier that day or the day prior, I don't quite remember when, about a man who was murdered up on Skyline drive and here I'm asking to go in the middle of the night especially now that he was settled all comfy in his night clothes. Hahahahahaha. "Okay, I'll go and you can stay comfy," I replied. Well, that did not set well and somewhat with a grumpy expression, Chuck got changed, I grabbed my gear and by 11:30, we were whizzing towards the Pagoda. 


Now I debated if that was a good spot or not. I hadn't ever ventured out at midnight to catch fireworks before and thought that getting those big bursts of color over the city would be fabulous, but so would getting them with the pagoda in the background by taking from a lower vantage point. The only thing was trying to find a good vantage point where we wouldn't be considered trespassing. There wasn't much time left so I decided to just go with it up the skyline. We got as far as the tower; police had blocked the road leading the rest of the way to the pagoda. Okay so we parked there. A number of other people had ventured out as well. I kind of figured we would meet other night owls.


All of a sudden I wasn't so sure about having a good vantage point, but I saw a spot between trees that looked good. While we waited and chilled a little, literally chilled, I pondered going up the tower's steep, upward-trudging staircase since it was open to the public that evening. After all, we were there to be adventurous going into 2017, but I was afraid I wouldn't make it in time to see the fireworks. I pictured myself stuck somewhere in the middle so I focused on where I was at that moment in time.


Finally, the fireworks began. They were over the pagoda pretty much direct from our position and not over the city. I guess I have to agree with Chuck that maybe they couldn't fire over the city because of safety issues so I took what I could. I had grabbed a shot of the city before everything got under way. I'm glad I did because in post-production, I composed a series of sparkling lights over the city and got what i had envisioned. 


It wasn't perfect, but it was. The point was that we didn't hold back and got out to do something. We worked with what was given to us and made something of it just like I did throughput 2016. 2017 is going to be a year of not holding back. When 2017 closes, we plan on being part of a New Year's Eve party down in Philadelphia! 








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