Women in Portraits

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Monday, April 25, 2016
By Enchanted Acres Photography
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Women in Portraits: Nicole's story

Nicole, mother of one-year-old Sophia, has been learning the art of cake decorating. In high school, she thought of going into culinary school or following a career in art history. It's amazing the paths we go down in search of that right fit. Something our journey ends up being one of complete surprise. 

Nicole loves spending time helping Sophia learn new things and snuggling with her during quiet moments. She and Devon enjoy playing games, going for walks, and watching movies.

Nicole has often posed for me on test sessions and has a definite like for certain looks. When she heard I needed her to model for my Women in Portraits program, one of the first things she said was not too pouty of a dress. Imagine how hard I laughed when the first dress I found in a second-hand store was the pouffiest tulle dress I had even seen. Does Cinderella help you to visualize this? Honestly, it was what I really wanted. I had a corset that was a perfect match for this skirt, but unfortunately it was made for someone very tiny. This was just one more challenge to come up with new ideas and I think it worked out fairly well, though I'm not giving up on using that corset with the pouffy skirt. 


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