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Thursday, April 14, 2016
By Roxanne Richardson
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The last couple of weeks were a blur of excitement as I worked on a new portfolio of Women in Portraiture. The most recent was with my daughter-in-law, Laura. I'm working backwards so next week is my daughter's story and then it's Cindy's turn. 

Laura loves the cool weather and spending time with her hubby and two fur kids, Sidney and Link. Sidney is a Siberian husky you may have met on previous posts along with Link, a shiba-inu. She is a speech therapist who specializes in children. As a vegan, Laura prefers to make her meals from scratch using only natural ingredients.

Although Laura is not into glamour, she did this as a wonderful favor for me. She much prefers natural quick takes in the moment. Before the session ended, I asked her to pull out the steampunk goggles I had put in the purse, her expression was priceless. She was not about to put them on! With paprika hair, fair complexion, and freckles, Laura rocked her session even more so when I said we could be done, but then I asked for a few more. She went from racing to David for a few shots to stomping (in fun) back to the field of bluebells, LOL!  Thank you so much, Laura. Love and hugs! ;) 

Oh, one more thing. I want to note is that Laura was actually sitting in a path and I was on another path. We took care not to step in flower beds. The park went to the trouble to plant gorgeous bluebells and created walking paths. I am very grateful to Lockridge Park for their hard work! 




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